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Great tips from Educators for Teaching With Technology

Great tips from Educators for Teaching With Technology

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

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Over our First season of MDM On The Road, we experienced a lot of great things! In this video we take a look at some insight from some of our featured educators. Take a look!

Our third episode of “Lessons Learned on the Road” shows us the importance of teaching with technology, hearing from our featured educators from Tuckerton Elementary, St. Petersburg Catholic High School and Mary Help Christians Academy.

“Mosyle Manager is indispensable in terms of keeping students on track and trying to help them focus on the apps we want them to use in the classroom.” Says Debra Davis or St. Petersburg Catholic High School. Take a look to see what our other featured educators had to say!

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Video Transcript:

Melissa Steele, Kindergarten Teacher at Tuckerton Elementary School: They’re very good at it, sometimes better than I am, better than their parents. It’s neat to see that they know what they are doing, they already know how to use the technology.

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle: We’ve had a great first season of “MDM On The Road” and we’ve been able to visit some amazing schools doing transformative work with Apple Products. Reflecting back on everyone we spoke to and everything we saw, a few themes developed. So we put together some Lessons learned from the road. Today we are going to look at Teaching With Technology.

Teachers across the world are redefining student engagement and student success with technology, and we saw great examples of this in the classrooms we visited. Let’s take a look back at these educators.

Debra Davis, Spanish Teacher at St. Petersburg Catholic High School: In the classroom, I try to direct students to the resources that will be most helpful for them for the course -- in my case, language learning. That may be making adequate use of the website we are using for text material, it may be finding other resources to help them with practice, pronunciation, and other facets of language learning.

Mosyle Manager is indispensable in terms of keeping students on track and trying to help them focus on the apps we want them to use in the classroom.

Maureen Gunzenhauser, 1st Grade Teacher at Tuckerton Elementary School: Also, having the students learn with you, we have tried different apps and different programs and how to learn the basics of how to get them logged in, and how to prepare them to start it and kind of letting them go and exploring on their own. They really become masters at learning how to add pictures and add texts—-then they are able to help others.

Maddelena Piscitelli, Italian and Art at Mary Help Christians Academy: In my classroom, I support technology by designing my lessons so that students are creating projects on the iPads in order to demonstrate their knowledge. It just gets the students to stay organized. As a teacher in classroom, I am able to not only take attendance, but also assure students are on task.

Fredy Padovan, Chief Inspiration Officer of Mosyle:Since Mosyle Manager was designed for education, classroom management is amplified with Mosyle Manager. It’s easy to use interface makes it simple to guide your classroom using technology.

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