The best educational software for macOS in K-12 schools

The best educational software for macOS in K-12 schools

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Technology and software is always evolving and upgrading to the latest version. With so many options for EdTech out there, you want the best for your school, especially when it comes to Apple devices. Mac computers have a wide range of capabilities, and there are several options for educational tools for enhancing learning in the classroom.

In this article, we will go over the best software for educational use for macOS in your K-12 school. Some will be more commonly known, like Dropbox, Microsoft Office and iWork, but we’ll also tell you about some tools that are more focused on education technology, such as Clever, Popplet and Sphero Edu. Read more to find out the details and features of each of these, and how to download them to your Mac computer.


Clever is one of the best software applications a student or teacher can have on their Mac computer. Plenty of times, important files and documents, such as essays, projects or Keynote presentations accidentally get deleted off of devices. With Clever, it instantly recovers deleted files in macOS, no matter if it is a PDF, Doc, .jpeg or other format so that nothing is ever truly lost. Clever also provides Mac cleanup for disk space, data protection and backup and more.

You can download Clever at:


Technology is constantly improving the learning experience, especially with MDM solutions making it easier to deploy content for students through their Apple devices, and is available to install on iPad devices as well as Mac computers. With Popplet, content creating is taken to the next level by allowing students to create visual mind-maps for their creative processes. Popplet allows students to take notes, brainstorm, plan projects through diagrams and charts and even create boards. If students are collaborating on a project, they can easily link notes to each other or export their own mind-maps or boards as a PDF or JPEG files.

Learn more about Popplet and how to download it to your Mac computer here:

Microsoft Office

While Microsoft Office might be an obvious choice for students and teachers to use, their Office 365 program for Mac computers has everything needed to complete essays, projects, notes and more. The great thing about Microsoft Office is the collaborative features that allows for group projects to chat and share files and notes straight to all the Mac computers involved with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. With research, design and note-taking tools, Microsoft Office is perfect for students and teachers to get all of their classroom work and lesson plans complete. Since Microsoft Office 365 is now available in the App Store and within Apps and Books, it's easier to distribute this software across your Mac fleet.

Read our guide on how to install Microsoft Office to your Mac computer using an MDM solution, and see all the features available here:


Many schools most likely know about Dropbox, but the majority of students use it to upload documents and files for their teacher to view or to simply use the storage space. But Dropbox has some amazing tools to enhance the learning experience in the classroom. This is yet another option for students who collaborate on essays or projects. Using Dropbox, students can share files or folders and edit the documents and presentations in real time, and even allows students to comment on certain aspects for better feedback. There’s even an admin dashboard that teachers can use to monitor the activity of the group and see which Apple devices in the classroom are working on the folder.

Learn more about Dropbox here:

Sphero Edu

Sphero is a unique educational program that caters to all K-12 institutions. They have a number of activities in subjects such as Math, Science, Coding and Art, and you can even sort it by grade level to get the most out of the task. Sphero also provides a Programs tab where students can learn how to write code and write Javascript programs by drawing paths and using blocks that represent them.

Navigate through the Activities and Programs here:


Another application schools might be familiar with, iWork is a fantastic Mac computer tool that holds all of the best educational apps such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote all in one place. Pages allows students to create documents using templates, and add pictures, movies or charts right on the page. This is a great tool to write interactive essays or provide visuals with the text. Teachers will love the Numbers app, where they can add charts, tables and images straight onto a spreadsheet. They can also use it to create a spreadsheet of the classroom’s students, grades or schedule of lesson plans. The Keynote feature is perfect for both teachers and students, who can use it to create presentations for lessons and projects quickly and easily.

Learn more about what iWork can do for your classroom here:


There are many note-taking apps available for Apple devices, but Notability offers the ability to remove paper from the classroom completely. Students and teachers can quickly convert their handwriting into text notes, as well as edit or share them by dragging and dropping the documents from their Mac computer’s desktop. Notability features Multi-Note, which enables students to open multiple notes at once if they are working with a lot of information, or teachers if they have to view notes on several lesson plans. Teachers are also able to record their lessons, which are then synced with the notes so that they can listen to their voice along with what they were writing at the time.

Check out what other features Notability has and download it from the Mac App Store here:

Along with all of these amazing software applications for your K-12 institution, Mosyle Manager can help your school quickly and easily help distribute the content across all of your Apple devices, including Mac computers.

Learn how to deploy your Mac computers with our Mac Deployment Guide here.

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