Are you ready for the Back to School?

Are you ready for the Back to School?

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

The time of year has come to get back into school shape! Getting ready for the upcoming school year can be a busy and sometimes intimidating process. From getting the IT team ready for the upcoming year and their devices, to making sure teachers and all the staff are all on the same page going into it.

In this article we are talking about some tips and tricks to make sure that you and your staff are all ready for the first day of school and hit the ground running! Feel free to let us know how you like it in the comments, now read on!

Prepare your mind

When getting ready for something as big and complex as the new school year, everyone has their own ritual that they do to prepare themselves - maybe listen to a certain song or artist, or book you may read, it gets you into the right mindset to prepare for it. We recommend doing the same!

It's also a great opportunity to develop new and healthier habits in your life! The new school year brings us the chance to change, maybe starting to work out or meditate. There are several great applications in the App Store that can help you start exercising the body and the mind. Regardless of the strategy you choose, It is always important to have your right foot forward and be prepared for anything!

Get together with the team

Another very important task at hand is to make sure that you and your technology staff are on the same page going into the new school year. This is important for many reasons, making sure the team's motivation is high - which will result in the success of the school year and the technology program itself.

A great way to do this is to switch it up, making the communication more clear and dynamic with the technology team members. Listen carefully to your teams questions and suggestions, and avoid information loaded meetings, engaging them in a more compelling way while making sure the technology goals are defined and clear.

Explore PD meetings to get closer to teachers

Professional Development is essential to making sure your instructional professionals are understanding how to use the technology tools and iPad program itself when building their lesson plans for their students.

The proper training and development to make sure the staff is able to provide their lessons through educational technology is a huge step and must be done correctly. It starts with the IT Staff and making sure they are preparing the technology correctly, then ensuring that the Teachers are familiar with it, so they are able to keep the students engaged and focused during class.

A great tool to help your Teachers is Mosyle's Class Manager. This will help the Teachers and Ed Tech Staff tremendously across the board. The possibilities you can do as a teacher for your class with these MDM tools are almost endless. From being able to request certain Apps within the Class Manager to being able to apply certain management features for the devices depending on the lesson plan, the class itself to even unique students.

Involve the community in device management

Involving parents can be another way to hit the ground running with the new school year! Making sure parents are understanding of the staff and faculty when it comes to the management of the iOS devices in and out of the school - will make it that much easier to provide a great experience for students - at school or at home!

In order for the Staff to provide a great and successful school year for your students, across the board - from Teachers to IT Staff, get everyone together and make sure they are all motivated, pursuing the same goal of providing students with a great learning experience during the next school year.

Need help?

If you need any help deploying the Apple devices during the back to school season, our amazing Customer Support Team is here to further assist you!

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