Apps to help teachers track homework in the classroom

Apps to help teachers track homework in the classroom

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Apps are just as important for teachers as they are for students. In order to organize assignments, exams and other tasks, teachers need good tools. There are a variety of ways to organize these items. Here are a few applications that can help with classroom management.

All of these applications are available on iPad devices, iPhone devices and in web browsers, and as well as a few Mac computer apps.


Edmodo Logo

Available on iPad devices, iPhone devices and web browser

Edmodo is an app used by both students and teachers to organize classroom activities. Teachers can use the application to track and grade homework, organize their lessons and talk to students.

Apple Classroom

Apple Classroom Logo

Available on iPhone devices, iPad devices and Mac computers

Apple Classroom is an organization tool used to help manage the classroom and keep tabs on student activities on their devices. Teachers can keep students focused on the lesson by locking the screen on a particular app, or decrease the volume on students’ devices to avoid distractions. Privacy is key, so the devices are only shown to the set teacher or administrator in charge of the class, and not broadcast elsewhere.

Apple Schoolwork

Apple Schoolwork Logo

Available on iPhone devices and iPad devices

Apple Schoolwork allows students and teachers to collaborate together as well as help teachers track and share assignments. This app also allows teachers to see how each student is doing in the course, so they can better tailor their class toward their student’s learning needs. Quite a few apps support Apple Schoolwork, including Kahoot!, that students and teachers enjoy using.



Blackboard Logo Canvas Logo

Blackboard is available on iPad devices or iPhone devices with iOS 11+ and web browser

Canvas is available on iPad devices or iPhone devices with iOS 12+ and web browser

Blackboard and Canvas both help manage classes, students and assignments, as well as show grades. Blackboard has one application for students and teachers to use where students can submit their assignments, take exams and have discussions with peers while their teachers provide feedback. Canvas has separate apps for students, teachers and parents with the same type of abilities. Both can be accessed through the web and offer similar solutions, so it’s up to you to decide which is best for your school.


Seesaw Logo

Available on iOS devices 10.3+ and web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge)

Seesaw provides students with the power to share their learning process with teachers and parents. This app is designed to empower students to create a portfolio of their own notes and work. These are then shared with teachers, who can understand their learning process better, and parents, who are able to see their student’s progress.


myHomework Logo

Available on iPad devices, iPhone devices, Mac computers and web browsers

This application is designed to help students organize their to-do lists and reduce the stress involved with organizing their tasks. Teachers can use this to share lesson plans and help update students on when assignments are due. Logo

Available on iPad devices, iPhone devices, Mac computers and web browsers, and they are also compatible with many other apps is a to-do list and calendar tool that can help students stay on track, and also include teachers with their shareable lists. This application also syncs with various calendars you may be using, such as your iPhone device or Google calendar. The app also allows you to attach documents to tasks, making it easier to share assignment sheets and finished documents.

Use one or multiple of these to build your Digital App Library. Don’t know how to start your App Library? See how device management can help build your library by reading here.

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