5 Steps to Apple Deployment Success in K-12 Schools

5 Steps to Apple Deployment Success in K-12 Schools

Mosyle Team
written by Mosyle Team

With new updates and changes being made to how students in the classroom are taught, Apple devices have become one of the best enhancements for technology in education. There are many tools for success in K-12 schools, and making use out of your school’s Apple deployment will improve student learning, as well as how teachers educate their students. 

In this article, we will go over the five most important steps to achieve success in Apple deployment for schools, including technology and learning goals, increasing professional development, how to enhance the classroom experience with Apple tools and apps, how using Apple devices in the classroom will increase student engagement and how to measure return on investment with education technology. 

Aligning technology goals with learning goals

With the implementation of technology in the classroom, learning goals must take technology goals into consideration. Some of those goals might include aspects like enhancing education through the use of technological devices such as iPads or Mac computers, and making sure every student is equipped with a device for learning. When this happens, students get to an entirely new level of the education process. It makes it easier for students to collaborate, get notes on projects and work side by side with multiple tools and apps. 

When learning goals are tied to technology goals, they serve each other. Prioritizing technology in the classroom will improve student performance, and without this, the Apple Deployment won't be as successful as it can be.  This means that any lesson plan or documents the teacher provides will be easily distributed to all students using the connected devices. This helps students learn at their own pace and engage them in the lesson. With all of the information for each task available at once, students can help each other through collaborating on projects or essays, as well as take some extra time if needed. 

Increasing teachers' professional development with Apple devices

iPad devices and Mac computers are the best devices for teachers too because they are intuitive, flexible and easy to use. With Apple devices, professional development can be even more productive - and that is a very important step to ensure success with Apple Deployment. If classrooms are using devices such as iPads and Mac computers, teachers can meet and learn from each other about how to use them and their MDM solutions. They can help each other grow their knowledge about technology in the classroom, as well as get tips for lesson plans through managing their devices. Engaging with other teachers will give everyone the ability to share skill sets and implement different strategies for using the apps provided by Apple. Using Apple devices will improve professional development and make teaching more interactive and personal. To learn more about professional development for educators, click here

Enhancing the classroom experience through technology

Using Apple devices helps teachers build the best learning experiences and strategies for their students. iPad devices and Mac computers give teachers access to tools like the Classroom app, which is essentially a teaching assistant that will enhance their ability to teach using digital assets as well as to control the Apple devices in the classroom. Teachers will be able to use their devices for lessons, sharing information and even to share and receive files to and from students, both individually or as a group. They also have the ability to view the screens of all the students at once, see what apps they have opened and send all devices to the same page or app. 

Through the Schoolwork app, teachers can assign projects, worksheets and activities, follow individual progress of the students and assist them if they need help. Teachers can view subjects and what assignments are due soon, as well as which students are involved in each activity. Students will see all assignments automatically on their iPad, submit them when they are due and see how much time is left on a particular app or worksheet.  

Increasing student engagement with iPad devices and Mac computers

Education technology has helped boost student engagement in the classroom with iPad devices and Mac computers. Because of the collaborative nature of Apple devices, they help to make projects more interesting and creative, so that students can become more interested in what they’re learning and working on. Having technology in the classroom will increase creativity by allowing them to explore opportunities beyond the average textbook or handwritten essay. With the tools and apps available on iPad devices and Mac computers, they are able to design any idea or project they want, which allows them to be engaged and eager to learn. 

With the benefits of Apple devices in the classroom, students can make use of websites to find other resources to help them, use the tools to work on multiple projects at once instead of going back and forth and help each other create projects to demonstrate their knowledge, all of which boosts creativity and engagement while also keeping the classroom organized. 

Managing return on investments with technology in the classroom 

It is essential to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of having iPad devices in the classroom. By using Apple devices and technology in the classroom, there are less support costs, enhanced engagement between students and more time saved to focus on teaching and learning. Using technology in the classroom is more cost-effective, especially when schools participate in BYOD programs. With all members in the classroom using an iPad or Mac computer, students will become more engaged with learning and each other. It paves the way to become collaborative with each other during group projects, and extend the learning experience to be much more interactive than simply a textbook.

Using iPad devices and Mac computers also allows the classroom to work with an MDM solution, such as Mosyle Manager. This is an effective way to measure ROI, since using an MDM can cut down computer prep time from one month to just one week. By reducing the time it takes to prepare a classroom, it allows for more time to prepare lesson plans and work days, as well as allow students to jump right into learning instead of spending time setting up a device.

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