Special iWork: Pages

Pages application is a great tool to create the school's newsletters and encourage collaborative writing among your students.

Pages is a Text Editor that allows teachers and students to create documents such as; School Projects, Articles, Brochures, and Journals. Add multimedia resources and enable collaboration mode in which multiple users are able to edit the document at the same time.

Pages is a great way to put together papers to give to your students as notes, assignments, and many other things. It’s a great place to write an email and other types of school's documents for grammar and spelling errors, then just copy and paste it into your email and send it.

For students this is the best way they can write out their essays on the computer. It has great formatting tools to make sure they stay within the guidelines you set for them. It is also a great way to take notes so they can keep all the important information to look back over later. Allowing hyperlinks and hypertext makes it easy for them to cite their sources or link to a website that has additional information to help them study.

How To Utilize Pages in the classroom

Lesson Tip: Produce a Newsletter

Text editors are the most basic form of software that comes with a computer of any type. Whether it is Note, Word, or Pages there is always something that comes with your computer. They may all be text editors, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t different. Each one has their own settings and formats that they can be different software.

A great way for students and teachers to use the Pages app in the classroom is creating a Newsletter together as a class utilizing the collaboration feature. After opening the application, choose a template and the topic for the class to write about in the newsletter, then assign roles to the students. With everyone working on the same documents, you can have students team up and tackle this lesson. Once they are done, you can share it with the school or other classes that participated in this project as well.

With this quick and easy assignment your students will be able to fully utilize Pages to their advantage, developing important collaboration skills. They can take notes and writes essays with ease.

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