Special iWork: Numbers

Encourage students to develop data visualization skills, by teaching scientific methods and more use of the Numbers application.

Numbers is an application for creating spreadsheets with different resources. You can add spreadsheet tables, interactive charts, formulas, text, and images. With the collaboration feature, the entire class can work together on different Apple devices.

Use Numbers application as a way to help you take attendance for each of your classes, or help you keep everyone organized when having them work together on a group project. Take advantage of the 3D graphics and use them to show a pie chart to help the students understand percentages better. They can even insert formulas to calculate grades, or teach students about money and budgeting.

The students can use Numbers as a way to help them understand math and science better. They can use it as a way to help them keep all of their classes and assignments organized so they can keep better track of what they need to do.

These are just a few ways you can utilize Numbers to your advantage. Here are a couple more to try out.

How To Utilize Numbers in the classroom

Lesson Tip: Let’s Collect Some Data

Data can sometimes look like nothing but gibberish to your students, especially if they don’t understand it. One of the best ways to help students to understand data and how it is recorded it to go out and do that themselves. Using Numbers you can do this quickly and easily and have your students better understand what you are trying to teach them. Nothing better than hands on learning to help teach something.

Have your students survey and record data based on the research you have them carry out in a number of topics like; Physic, Chemistry, Finance, and other Math and Science subjects. Start by having them select one of the templates that is best suited for their assignment. Then have them collect the data in one field of research in the school or the neighborhood, and record their findings in Numbers. Each student can even work from their own devices using Numbers Collaboration feature (in beta).

With this quick, easy, and fun lesson your students will better understand what is being shown to them going forward. They will be able to understand how these data points came up and what they represent.

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