Special iWork: Keynote

Develop your students' skills for presentations and public speaking using the Keynote application.

Keynote is one of the most versatile applications: allowing you to create simple slideshows or videos using more complex features. Teachers and students can add effects and multimedia resources that make learning even more meaningful in the context of multimodal culture in which we live in.

There are so many features that can be utilized within in Keynote that can elevate your presentation. You can add videos to your slides to show an example of what you are presenting on, add graphics to make it more visually appealing, or even add hyperlinks and hypertext to link back to an article of what you are talking about or give credit to the sources you gathered the information from.

Students can use the program to create their presentations for class as well. With its great design, and many different premade layouts it is perfect no matter what class the presentation is for. They can showcase art with a photo layout, or share knowledge of history with the rest of classmates.

With so many different things to add to you presentation here are just a couple of things you can use Keynote for.

Creating Your Own Slideshow Theme

When creating a presentation for class you don’t want to show another blank and boring presentation. Make it pop by creating a custom theme to go with the information of the presentation. Creating this custom theme is quick and easy when using Keynote.

Just click the “Edit Master Slide” option in the “View” menu. Once you do this you, you will have access to every type of slide that Keynote has to offer. You can change the color or add a different background type all together. Change the layout of a slide type to fit your presentation better, and even change the font used for the entire presentation without having to go change it everytime you add a new slide.

Now just save you preset and name it anything you want. You can use this custom preset over and over again for different presentations, or make another one afterwards and save that one as well.

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