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Try a different presentation app: Haiku Deck

Encourage students to produce creative presentations with mobile optimized templates

We publish weekly infographics about great apps teachers can use in the classroom. Build your own app environment to create immersive learning opportunities with mobile technology.

The Haiku Deck application is a great tool to change it up from the more traditional presentation programs, such as Keynote and PowerPoint. The app offers different templates and designs, which are optimized for presentation across platforms: mobile, tablet and projections.

There are many options for layouts and fonts, making customization very easy. Students can also import and edit different images, whether from your device, social media or from cloud storage services.

In this weekly infographic we offer some suggestions for activities that integrate the use of Haiku Deck:

Haiku Deck App

Why it’s important to build your school’s app library?

Learn how app catalogs can help you achieve tech and learning goals in your school or district

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