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Release Notes: October, 2017



Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Manager as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices in your schools and/or district. Here's what we launched in October!

ScreenGuide Web Panel

Now parents are able to create a ScreenGuide account and manage the child’s device through the Web Panel. To access your ScreenGuide account, please visit: We also made available new video tutorials that help parents to create the family's account and add the educational iPad to their ScreenGuide account. Check out the videos and share it with other parents:

How to create your family in ScreenGuide Parental Control App

How to enroll your child’s educational iPad into your ScreenGuide account

Learn how to set Web Filter, Restrictions and view Analytics | ScreenGuide Parental Control

How to limit Screen Time and set the App Blocker | ScreenGuide Parental Control

Understand the status of Install Apps commands

We have improved our Installation Status tool, providing you with more relevant information on the status of the Install App commands sent to your Apple devices. Now Admins can see Waiting Status details within the Mosyle Manager Dashboard. Navigate to Management > Install App > select the Install App profile and click on View details.

Refresh the data from VPP and DEP accounts

Now you can manually refresh the information displayed on the Mosyle Manager Dashboard about VPP licenses and devices enrolled. Navigate to My School > Apple VPP or Apple Integration DEP > and click Update.

Important note: sometimes the updated license count could take longer as Apple sends to the MDM server updates of licenses in increments of 100 licenses.

Add devices in DEP using Apple Configurator 2

With the iOS 11, you can add donated iPads to your DEP account using the Apple Configurator 2 software. As you need an MDM provider to complete this process, Mosyle Manager is fully prepared to help you with this. Check out our step-by-step guide in this article. If you are using Mosyle Manager, start to enroll the devices in DEP by creating a Apple Configurator profile.

Filter Profiles per Location

As we keep building impactful tools to support large-scale deployments, now it’s possible to filter the management profiles selecting the desired Location!

Active Directory Auto-Sync

Now Admins are able to configure the Active Directory (AD/LDAP) integration to automatically sync data! Navigate to My School > Active Directory > Select the profile and check the “Sync automatically” box in the Synchronization tab.

Export Alerts

You can export any type of alert into XLS files! Navigate to Management > Alerts > Export Alerts > select the t ypes of Alerts > and click Export info to download the XLS file.

New Academic Year Tools

We have designed new Academic Year Tools to assist Admins update data. Now you are able to organize users data according to specific attributes. Navigate to My School > Academic Year > and select the tools you want to apply.

Resend Installation Command

Now you can resend the command to install the applications on just the non-installed devices. Navigate to Management > Install App > View details of the profile and click “Resend installation command to non-installed devices”.

View if the school's hierarchy has been created using ASM

Now Mosyle Manager shows right on the list of Grade Levels if they were created within the Apple School Manager. Important Note: When configuring this type of data in ASM, it’s highly recommended to do any edition just in the Apple School Manager.

View all profiles assigned to iPad Carts

Now you can check out all the profiles assigned to Shared iPad Carts! Navigate to My School > Shared Carts > View profiles Assigned. It’s possible to see the Install App Profiles, Install Book Profiles and MDM Profiles.

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