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Release Notes: August, 2017

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Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the new features of Mosyle Manager as well as recent product improvements we’ve made to help you manage Apple devices in your schools and/or district. Here's what we launched in August!

Introducing Academic Year Assistant

We’ve designed an Academic Year Assistant to help Admins update the Mosyle Manager data for the new school year! To access it, navigate to My School > Academic Year.

If you previously used synchronization to import data (such as Apple School Manager or Active Directory), simply update your system. The next time Mosyle Manager syncs, the data will be updated.

After that, all MDM profiles will be updated. For example, if a management profile is only applied to a specific Grade Level, students leaving the Grade Level will have the profile removed. Commands will be created to apply the profile to any new students entering the Grade Level.

Teacher Training Center

We’ve launched an entire training module about the Mosyle Class Manager for teachers! Now they can learn, directly within the solution, how to use and apply the MDM commands with access to step-by-step guides and video tutorials!

Staff User

Now Admins can create staff users to manage the devices that school’s employees are using in their daily routine. To do this, navigate to My School > Staff. Just the Location Assignment is required for this type of user. The staff user will not have access to the Mosyle Manager Dashboard, or be allowed to administrate management profiles.

Multi-Certificate Wi-Fi Profile

This new feature will streamline the enrollment process in many schools and districts! The Multi-Cert Profile allows Admins using Mosyle Manager Premium Plan to create one single management profile that combines related WiFi, VPN, or SCEP payloads. To apply this management profile, navigate to Management > Multi-Cert WiFi.

Asset Tag

Now you can easily add Asset Tag info, numbering your entire Apple device fleet within Mosyle Manager. To add Asset Tags, navigate to Management > Bulk Operations.

Multi Update in Bulk by Import

Now you can upload a single spreadsheet with all the information to rename devices, set lock message, and add an asset tag and other tags. To download the template and upload the XLSX file, you can go to Management > Bulk Operations.

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