Today’s teachers bring fresh dynamics to the classroom by integrating television with technology in the classroom. When using iPads in school, the most effective and smooth way to do it is deploying Apple TVs. That’s why Mosyle Manager just launched a beta version of Mosyle Manager for tvOS, allowing IT staff to set up Apple TVs in Schools and Districts, as well as give teachers precious teachable minutes while using this type of Apple device in the classroom. You can check it out by sign up for free on our website.

Apple TVs are devices that can stream like a smart TV. Through the AirPlay functionality, it’s possible to stream a live view of whatever is on an iOS device’s screen, like iPads, iPhones, and iPods. This is an incredible feature in the classroom by making the class even more dynamic. Think about some practices teachers can integrate by using Apple TVs:

When deploying Apple TVs, the goal is to make it even smoother and easier for teachers integrate it during the class. They need to be focus on teaching instead of solving configuration problems. That’s why using the right Apple device management system is important. We launched the beta version of Mosyle Manager for tvOS to help you with that. All the powerful features you already met to manage iOS and macOS devices now are possible for manage tvOS.

Check out some features we offer in the first beta version of Mosyle Manager for tvOS:

You can try the beta tvOS for free! Just sign up on our website and get Mosyle Manager - the game changer in Apple device management for schools and districts.