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Mosyle Manager and ScreenGuide Integration is now live

With ScreenGuide and Mosyle Manager integration, parents can guide the digital experience their children have at home while using the iPad provided by the school

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Say “Hello!” to the ScreenGuide integration. We’re proud to announce the integration between ScreenGuide Parental Control App and Mosyle Manager MDM is now available!

The integration allows partnered parental and school involvement in kids’ onscreen activities to encourage the benefits of the digital environment, while minimizing any potential risks – both at School and at Home.

Parents will be able to safeguard their children from inappropriate content, avoid overexposure, balance the quality and quantity of time spent on devices – and best of all: at no additional cost to the School. ScreenGuide integration will be available for all customers, including those using the free package.

How can the integration of Mosyle Manager and ScreenGuide help you?

Also powered by Mosyle Corporation, ScreenGuide is fully integrated with Mosyle Manager. This integration helps parents by allowing them to manage their child's device after school and at home.

ScreenGuide Parental Control App empowers parents to get closer to their children's digital experience, protect them from inappropriate content, control screen overexposure at home, and understand what their children are doing with mobile devices. Learn more about ScreenGuide on its website.

Check out some great features of ScreenGuide:

Mosyle Admins are able to configure ScreenGuide access for parents and choose the days and times they’ll be able to apply their own custom "at-home" policies to manage their child's device. Access your Mosyle Manager account, navigate to Preferences, click the "Parental MDM - ScreenGuide" option from the menu on the left, and follow the onscreen steps.

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