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The best practices to integrate Active Directory with your MDM solution

Get some tips to quickly import your school’s hierarchy to the mobile device management software.



By integrating the mobile device management solution with the Active Directory, you can import your class roster and School’s hierarchy. It’ll provide seamless control over importing your School’s hierarchy and supports single sign on (SSO) for Teachers.

We will share in this article some best practices to integrate AD with the MDM and get all the user data ready to the Apple deployment for the next School-year! But before...

Do you know how the Active Directory works?

If not, we gather what you need to know in one sentence: basically, Active Directory is a directory service that authenticates users (like the students and teachers of your educational institution) and devices (such iPads and Mac computers) in a Windows domain network.

When using the Active Directory, school’s admins are able to:

Check out some tips to integrate the AD smoothly:

Easy Integration with Mosyle Manager:

Active Directory has many ways of organizing data, therefore it’s necessary to have options when mapping and/or binding attributes and variables. This process can be challenging, therefore we have created a very intuitive interface to simplify it while offering more flexibility to Active Directory Integration. After enabling the structure sync in the Active Directory integration, the Admin can enter any attribute to import and bind Students, Teachers, Grade Levels and Class Periods. You can check more about this feature in our Release Notes.

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