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Be inspired with the most powerful Mac device management

Deploy Macs in educational environments using the best Apple device management made just for K12.

Keep track of every inventory detail of your Mac fleet

Mosyle Manager gives you access to information about all macOS devices, so you can effectively apply any command. View details of Macs, such as: local users, storage and battery level, OS updates, apps installed, and profiles installed. You can even check application usage, export data from Mosyle Manager, configure alerts via e-mail, add tags for easy inventory, remotely update the OS of DEP devices, and more!

Deploy and manage Macs using Mosyle Manager
Apply restrictions to Macs

Create restriction profiles according to your school’s learning experience! Mosyle Manager eliminates high touch for IT by helping you remotely setup all Mac Preferences. Define Game Center and App Store permissions, Passcode Policies, Energy Saver, Finder, as well as Network Access and Sharing Services such as AirDrop.

VPP & PKG: push applications to the Mac fleet

Deliver and install apps on the entire fleet of Macs through integration with Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) in Mosyle Manager. We’ve developed an intuitive step-by-step flow to help you generate a valid .PKG file for any application installed on your Mac device, so you can remotely install it on every one of the school’s Mac devices, if needed.

Push applications to the Mac fleet with Mosyle Manager

The best device management using Custom Commands

Enter and apply custom codes to send any type of command, and get desired information from your Mac by requesting the device to run a script entered directly by you. Using bash script programming language - and, if you want, Apple Script. Test the command using the testing tool provided before applying any custom commands to devices in bulk.

# type your code


The most efficient support on the MDM market.

At Mosyle Manager, we are not only disrupting the way MDM works for education. We’re also raising the support experience to a brand new level by combining extremely well-qualified agents, all specializing in the education market, with state of the art technologies. Our smart ticketing system allows our servers to evaluate the description of your initial question or issue, obtain all necessary logs from your Mosyle Manager account, and assign your ticket to the best agent in terms of specialization and immediate availability. Analyzing the question or issue along with full access to fresh and already structured logs, our support specialists can get back to you quickly and through any/all necessary communication channels (ticket, phone call, web conference, screen share). This method empowers our support team to assist and resolve any questions or issues in record time, with high effectiveness. Not only will we provide a first response in incredible time, but we’ll actually answer your question quicker than reaching someone on the line to open a ticket for you. And the result: 98.4% satisfaction rate among our customers.

Mosyle Manager Premium offers the most reliable support for schools and districts

Robust device management tools for your School or District

We've received amazing feedback from our customers to made possible the most simple, robust, and powerful device management for Macs. We take our mission to provide the best MDM tools based on flows, methods and organization of schools and districts to a new level.

Configure the Dock

Easily configure how applications and folders are displayed on the Dock of the Macs using the amazing drag & drop feature.

Remotely add Printers

Add any network printers to the entire fleet of Macs from one single computer in seconds.

Create Local User

Define local user settings such as password and account type to enable students and teachers to safely login to the Macs.

Active Directory Certificate

Quickly integrate Macs into Windows Active Directory by setting up a profile that is deployed in a safe-easy way!

Configure Security & Privacy

Configure FileVault settings, Firewall ports and Gatekeeper settings to protect the Mac fleet from apps downloaded from unknown sources.

Backup via Time Machine

Configure Macs to backup via Time Machine, to ensure the availability of data on devices, and securely wipe or erase your device if needed.

Meet the District Dashboard for large-scale deployments

For big deployments, we offer another level of management: The District Dashboard. The District Dashboard allows districts to have a modern district-wide level of management, by gathering all Schools in a single environment. In other words, unlimited accounts can be connected to and displayed under the District Dashboard, providing Admin users with greater scope and information to easily access each and every one of them. Additionally, district level polices and profiles can be applied, and single district level Apple accounts can be connected to all Schools. This structure delivers the best balance between autonomy and control, no matter the District's vision.

The best device management integrated with Apple’s Deployment Programs

Streamline purchasing and enrollment with our full integration with Apple School Manager (ASM) – including the new “Apps and Books” feature. Mosyle Manager does not merely support Apple’s functionalities and programs; it was designed from the ground up to embrace them. No hassle—no matter if you’re a small private school with one ASM account, or a district with 400 schools, all with different accounts - Mosyle Manager is always ready to provide the best experience of Apple device management.

Mosyle Manager integrates with Apple’s Deployment Programs

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