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We believe there’s a better way to manage Apple devices in Schools and Districts

Mosyle Manager makes intuitive, easy-to-use, and powerful tools to further simplify your School or District iPad and Mac deployment. Streamline device management and provisioning, while giving back precious teaching time to teachers.

Mosyle Manager Apple Device Management

Innovate the classrooms in your School and District with the best Education MDM for iPad and Mac. 3,000+ educational institutions, in over 60 different countries, trust us to show them how.


Mosyle Manager integrates with Apple’s education features.

The best solution to successfully deploy iOS & macOS features: ASM, DEP and VPP. For Free.

Mosyle Manager is designed to embrace and fully integrate with Apple’s education features (iOS, macOS, Classroom App and Shared iPad) and deployment programs (Apple School Manager, Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program). Leverage the Apple Classroom App, ASM and Shared iPad devices, while streamlining enrollment and purchasing with our full integration with the DEP and VPP. And best of all: we’ve included all necessary configuration in our basic, free plan.

MDM For Education

Teach more effectively in your digital classroom

We’ve always believed teachers shouldn’t have to spend time on device management actions that could be automated. That’s why, with Mosyle Manager, you can empower teachers to unleash the potential of Apple devices in the classroom with easy and intuitive tools – giving them back precious teaching time. It’s never been easier to ensure students learn safely, stay focused, and remain engaged with technology.

Features for iOS   |   Features for macOS
Simplified Deployment

Unique MDM tools to protect, manage, and set up your devices

We have custom designed our mobile device management (MDM) to meet the needs of School and District IT managers, to eliminate unnecessary deployment complexity and save time and energy once implemented. With Mosyle, rest assured that within minutes you can setup your account and enroll your devices. Our world-class Customer Success team is constantly interacting with our customers to ensure they’re using the full potential of Mosyle Manager while getting the most from their devices.

Features for iOS   |   Features for macOS

We’re here to support you, making every command that much more powerful

"When I discovered Mosyle Manager I was so excited. I had it set up and running in just a few hours and it was so intuitive that I felt comfortable using it day one. They are the greatest to work with and don't mind going the extra mile to make sure everything is working properly."

Chad Brinkley, 1:1 Integration Specialist
South Pike County School District
We understand in Educational environments, any issue must be handled quickly to ensure everything is running smoothly and avoid losing precious teaching time. Since the launch of Mosyle Manager, our Customer Success Team has been recognized as one of the key differentiators from other MDM solutions. Our team is knowledgeable of both the technical aspects of the MDM and the day-to-day classroom/school environment. Every Mosyle specialist is familiar with the challenges faced by technology administrators, teachers, and students, and are available to assist every step of the way to ensure the MDM is meeting your needs.
Parental Control App

Perfectly shared management between School and Home

ScreenGuide Parental Control app allows schools to setup access for parents and set the days and times they’re able to apply custom “at-home” policies, allowing them to manage their child’s school-managed device as needed while they’re at home. ScreenGuide empowers parents to safeguard children from inappropriate content, avoid overexposure, balance the quality and quantity of time children spend on digital devices, as well as supports parents to understand what their children are doing with mobile devices. Best of all: there are no additional costs for the School.

Learn More about ScreenGuide

Minimize distractions. Maximize learning.

A better experience for your students, and less stress for your teachers.
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